We support the public sector for stakeholder and public participation processes in the fields of water management, biodiversity, agriculture, urban and land planning.

We intervene with the following purposes:

Stakeholder Analysis and Decision Support

stakeholder analysis and decison supportWhen starting any larger stakeholder or public involvement project, stakeholder analysis usually is indispensable. It provides insight into the stance of the various actors with regard to the project and facilitates first reflections on possible interventions. We use simple but powerful approaches for this such as semi-structured interviews, stakeholder mapping and also systemic constellations.

Based on these approaches, in 2018, we have conducted two larger stakeholder assessments for the EU Commission.

Eco-system Conflict Management

eco-system conflict managementWe help you design and implement processes that facilitate listening amongst stakeholders on such topics as the management of large carnivores (for example the brown bear or the wolf) or the use of groundwater for different purposes. These and other topics can be highly charged with emotions. Our methods allow stakeholders to gain new perspectives and possibly to find joint solutions.

In 2018 we have intervened in conflict management processes on the lynx in Germany and France as well as on the bear in Italy and Romania. We have also worked on a groundwater management process in the Vosges (France).

Participatory urban planning and land planning

urban and land planningWe help municipalities with stakeholder and public involvement in urban and land planning processes.

In 2018 we have accompanied the city of Montpellier on stakeholder involvement workshops for better seizing the needs of the agricultural profession with regard to the current city planning project.

Public Participation

In our work as a consultant on public participation we have led and participated in such processes in Egypt, Germany, and France. We have co-facilitated or co-designed 21st century town meetings, consensus conferences, and simple participatory planning workshops. We believe that considering the public as a partner and systematically involving citizens in problem solving can be an important approach to overcome the current crisis in democracy.

International Cooperation

international cooperationYorck von Korff spent 8 years of his life in Egypt and has worked in more than 15 different countries and oversea territories outside Europe. Our last interventions (2017) supported the EU and its partners in the Pacific region to agree on allocating funds on projects in the field of the environment. Before, in 2016, we helped a French research institute to add a participatory component to its organization development project for a school of higher learning in Ivory Coast.