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Yorck von Korff, PhD in political science (2001), has worked since the year 2000 as a facilitator, consultant and trainer in ecosystem and water management, intra-organizational change, science cooperation, international development, as well as urban and land planning.

In 2005 he received certification in facilitation from the International Association of Facilitators. In 2008 he graduated from a two-year continuous education program in conflict mediation at the University of Bochum (Germany). In 2017 he started to work as a systemic coach using the solution - focused methods of the Syst®-Institute in Munich (Germany).

Yorck has written various articles in scientific journals on participatory processes. He is the president of flow-ing and is based in Montpellier, France where he has helped create a local association of mediators called mediatio societatis as well as a network of facilitators and coaches called Sens et Performance.

He is fluent in English, French, German, and can also facilitate and train in Spanish.

Scientific and philosophical roots

Our approach is strongly influenced by four different roots:

Carl Rogers and the person-centered approach

Carl Rogers, a US psychologist, is known for the person-centered approached based on congruence, empathic understanding and unconditional positive regard on the other person. We use this approach constantly during all of our interventions including coaching, conflict management, and facilitation.

Marshall B Rosenberg and Nonviolent Communication

A student of Rogers, Marshall B. Rosenberg is known for Nonviolent Communication. For us, Nonviolent Communication is the way to bring to life the person-centered approach of Carl Rogers.

Kurt Lewin and group dynamics

Sometimes called the “grandfather of social psychology” Kurt Lewin was a pioneer in the understanding of group dynamics, force field analysis, organizational and individual change, as well as action research. We regularly use approaches based on his insights when we analyze stakeholder situations and work with groups

Systems Thinking

Systems Thinking has many parents. The thinkers whose works have most influenced our approach are probably Gregory Bateson, Peter Senge, Edgar Schein and recently also Insa Sparrer and Matthias Varga von Kibéd. Systems thinking becomes especially important in our approach for situational analysis and decision support coaching.


Scientific Articles

Taru Peltola, Outi Ratamäki, Maria Åkerman, Isabelle Arpin, Estelle Balian, Nils Bunnefeld, Sera Irvine, Nina V. Nygren, Teemu Palosaari, Lasse Peltonen, Tanya Stadelmann, Inge Thomson, Yorck von Korff, Juliette C. Young, Steve Redpath. 2018. Missing the Peacock— Arts, Sciences, Creativity, and Chronic Environmental Conflicts. Polymath: An interdisciplinary arts and sciences journal.  Vol. 8, No 1 2018. https://ojcs.siue.edu/ojs/index.php/polymath/article/view/3313

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Training Guides

von Korff, Y. (forthcoming). Managing conflicts in ecosystem uses: Helping groups and individuals to better understand each by setting up and facilitating multi-stakeholder workshops.  Training Manual. flow-ing. Montpellier.

von Korff, Y. 2017. Fundamental Facilitation Skills. Training Manual. flow-ing. Montpellier.

von Korff, Y. 2016. Animer, accompagner des dynamiques collectives: Quelle posture et quelle place pour les émotions ? Manuel de formation. flow-ing. Montpellier

von Korff, Y. 2016 : Savoir gérer professionnellement les conflits. Manuel de formation. flow-ing. Montpellier

von Korff, Y. 2016. Les compétences clés du Facilitateur. Manuel de Formation. flow-ing. Montpellier


Since its inception in 2015 flow-ing has worked with the following organizations with regard to:

Stakeholder and public involvement processes

Man and Biosphere Reserve Fontainebleau and Gâtinaisn (France), Parc Naturel Régional des Vosges du Nord (France), Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole (France), Conseil Départemental des Vosges (France), Istituto di Ecologia Applicata Rome, Foundation Natur und Umwelt Rheinland Pfalz (Germany)

Organization and team development or conflict management

Allianz Partners Paris, Cirad Montpellier, Irstea Montpellier, Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) Nouméa, INRA (Montpellier), Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (Brussels), Pays de la Vallée de l'Agly (France)

Project Workshops

Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (Brussels), DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), University of Bremen, Drôme Agroforestry Association (France), MDPI (Indonesia), WWF Germany, McGill University Montreal, ETH Zurich, Government of New Caledonia


Conseil Départemental Val-de-Marne (France), Wageningen University, ETH Zurich, University of Sherbrooke (Canada), AgroParisTech Montpellier, Cirad Montpellier, S.P.E.C.I.E.S (USA), Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) Nouméa, Pays de la Vallée de l'Agly (France), McGill University (Montreal) as well as numerous individual participants from other institutions.

Networks and Cooperations

Yorck von Korff is a co-founder and member of the following networks:

  • Mediatio Societatis. An association of mediators in Montpellier (France)
  • Sens et Performance. A network of facilitators and coaches in Montpellier.

Other memberships

Yorck von Korff is also member of :

  • L’Association nationale des médiateurs (ANM)
  • L’Institut de la concertation et de la participation citoyenne (ICPC)
  • The French-German Business Network in Languedoc Roussillon (RAFAL)


In various projects we have cooperated with many different partners and partner organizations. We mention some of them here:

On natural resources management:

On urban planning:

  • Florence Chibaudel (City planner and architect – Montpellier)
  • Jérôme Berquet (Legal expert for urban planning – Montpellier)