Thank you for your interest in our training. We are offering open access courses and also in-house training.

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Here are the descriptions of the courses we offer:

Designing and Facilitating Workshops and Meetings

workshops and meetingsThis is a three-day course. It provides insight into the attitude of the facilitator and how to deploy this attitude practically by using Nonviolent Communication. Based on the cases of the training participants, it provides tools to analyze complex project situations in which facilitation intervenes. Finally the course simulates facilitation situations in order to transfer knowledge about a diverse range of facilitation tools. More...

Managing Conflicts – in yourself and with others

managing conflictsThis 2-day course focuses on attitudes and techniques that help to handle conflict without foregoing our own goals. Participants learn about their own approach to conflict, often either belligerent or avoidant, and can experiment with more constructive alternatives. Learning about Nonviolent Communication is part of this course as is the opportunity to resolve current conflict problems of participants by using the tool of systemic constellations. More...

Understanding and Influencing Group Dynamics

unaderstanding group dynamicsThis 5-day course immerses participants in group situations. It uses the training group as well as experiences and situations from the participants own professional context to show how group dynamics work and what participants can do to deal with this. Each participant will have an opportunity to work on her own stance and attitude in specific situation and to experiment with new ones. The training course also presents, clarifies and practices systemic principles that should be heeded if one wants to advance one’s own goals without harming oneself or others.  More...

Quality Approach

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